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Anna Mazon In Bayport Nova Scotia, May & June 2020

Fantasy Eye 3 day workshop May 30 & 31


Unique, surrealistic, dark pendant, made of sterling silver adorned with a beautiful, natural stone -It's a 3 days workshop packed with lots of different techniques, featuring an eye motif (hollow from the back), various, sculptural ornaments which create a narrative context for the eye and a bezel set stone (the shape of the stone is your choice). The eye can be made into a dragon eye, as pictured, but also an eye of the ocean etc. - depending on your preference, you can add  additional ornaments depending on your personal preference. Wonderful textures, interesting shapes, lots of tricks for creating secure openwork constructions in metal clay, semi hollow forms and working with wet coils - this is what this workshop is about. Every student will leave the workshop with their own, different „Fantasy eye”.

Anna Mazon


Designing beautiful objects is not my only passion. I also love teaching. There is a spark of artistic potential within each of us, which is worth discovering and developing. Creating handmade jewelry allows us to embellish ourselves not only on the outside, but as well on the inside. It allows our creativity to flourish and helps us to develop an ability to transform dreams into hard matter. It's also an opportunity to get away from busy everyday life and enter the realm of imagination, taking real, handmade treasures on the way back.

Herbarium 2 Day Workshop June 1, 2 & 3


  •  In this class you will learn to make openwork, romantic pendant, adorned with a bezel set stone and precise, tiny ornaments. You will use silver clay to create lacy, yet strong and secure constructions, which you'll decorate with extremely detailed tiny leaves, flowers, forest fruits or other ornaments of your choice. You will also learn to make box like, elevated base for a stone and set it in a bezel setting. All these skills can be easily adapted to your own style, merged with your favourite techniques and used with different metal clays. Openwork designs are wonderful response to high silver prices, allowing you to save on material, but not on quality of your works.

About Anna

Beautiful Pendant


 Creating beautiful things has always been for me something more than just using a pair of nimble hands and eyes. It’s a process, in which the fleeting world of imagination intertwines with matter creating a solid form, which can inspire joy, delight, curiosity or surprise, which in turn influence other worlds of imagination ness here.

Anna's Mushrooms


 Nature has always been a source of my creativity. It is her, whom I watch and admire each day, who fills my head with ideas, feelings and impressions I want to enchant within my jewelry. The madness of autumn leaves, the aroma of flowers, light shining through a jar of honey, or the sight of a fog spreading at the feet of Babia Mountain at sunrise – these are my inspirations. I often look at Nature through the eyes of ancient cultures and legends. I rediscover old myths, travel through forgotten lands, reach out to deeply rooted archetypes, which are nowadays remembered by few. Those ‘expeditions’ into the world of literature or ancient art allow me to capture in my jewelry not only the beauty of Nature inspired form, but also a pinch of old magic, a drop of longing for the past and, what’s most important – ideas, which were born in the ancient times, but are still relevant. Ideas, which can be reinterpreted and remain alive. 



 I’ve always loved to express myself in many ways, in my beloved modern dance, photography, graphics or poetry, but I didn’t come across jewelry making until 2008. This was an amazing discovery, which turned my life upside down.  Even though I’m graduated from sociology and psychology, I decided to apply for EU subsidy, found a company and start working with what has become my passion – designing jewelry and organizing workshops. Today, I know that this was a great decision. Now I can give vent to my creativity and do what I love most – adorn women both on the outside, and inside, by using my unique jewelry to highlight the fact that each or us is different and deserves to underline that uniqueness. I also try to share my ways of developing the creative potential with others by conducting courses of making jewelry and workshops of for example creative thinking. Affirmation of creativity is one of the most important things in my life. 

Terry Kovalcik "Little Ditty Pod"

Full 4 Day Workshop

This is a 4-day Master Class. If you want to push your metal clay skills to the next level you don't want to miss this workshop! I can’t wait to tackle this project and am so glad that I will have someone like Terry to work with thru this complicated piece. The photo is just one version of the project we will also be able to make a softer version "Rose Bud"

Terry Kovalcik Returns to Bayport Nova Scotia!

Workshop dates are Aug 20 to 23rd. Each day is a full day 9 to 5 apx.    If you have been seeking a carving workshop Terry is delivering with this class!    

Co-op Workshops

Co-op workshops are a wonderful value, cost of the instructor is shared equally among students which helps lower the cost.   Assuming we have 10 students the cost for the 4-day workshop is $395.00 US plus materials and a Lab fee of $25.00  

Maximum 10 Students

Small class size ensures lots of one on one instructor to student time. This is an excellent  opportunity to push your metal clay skills and you can count on Terry to walk you through every step.

Visit Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don't miss the opportunity of visiting this beautiful little fishing village. It's full of lots of restaurants, funky little stores andis  just a 7 minute drive from Bayport Cottage

Bayport Cottage

Most people choose to stay  at my Bayport Cottage, pajama party style at no cost. The house is new, spacious and sits on the ocean facing a beautify bay. If you prefer to stay somewhere else there is a lot of accommodations in and around Lunenburg. You will require a car as the cottage is about a 7 min drive from town. The Town of Lunenburg is a World UNESCO Heritage site and is very busy in the summer so book your accommodations early. 

About Terry

Visual Stories


 Terry's  jewelry reflects years
of telling visual stories with imagery and movement.”

Form & Movement


 After more than 30 years working as an illustrator, Terry was drawn to metal clay as a way to bring form and movement into his art. Many of his pieces are made of multiple elements that hang, dangle and swing with the movement of the body. This gives the piece life and adds an element of whimsy. 

Shaman Pendant


 The Shaman Locket is a wonderful example of the complexity of some of Terry's work. A small receptacle that holds your secret wishes  The Shaman Locket is the perfect jewelry piece to show off your personal story